Energized & Fulfilled Video Review – The Gabby Moms & Eternal Encouragement

Life as a mom is perfect right?  I mean we all have energy, we don’t scream or get frustrated and we have all the time in the world to get everything done.  But that was what we saw on TV in the life of June Cleaver.  Let’s face it, we live in the real world and whether you are a mother of 1 or 8 or more children we all feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and sometimes just plain ole cranky!  But is that the way we want to feel?  I know I don’t want to feel that way but often I do. 

Well, if you want some help then Lorrie’s new DVD is available and is perfect for this!  From Exhausted, Irritable and Overwhelmed to… An Energized and Fulfilled Woman of God is the title of her new DVD.  I received this and the corresponding study guide for review in September.  I can honestly say that I am so glad that it came this month.  I have been feeling the entire first part of the title and not the second half.  We have had a lot of things happening and a lot of changes coming which have all left me feeling overwhelmed.  That on top of all of our normal activities make for a tired, irritable momma.

So, when I got this I put it on right away!  But then life happened and I got delayed.  So I got to try it a couple of times.  It’s actually good to be able to listen to this several times.  Gives you new insight to the things Lorrie talks about.  I love how she has this new acronym!  REAL REST!  That’s what we as mom’s need, right?  Lorrie offers some great tips with the REAL REST acronym.  Some are so simple that we often wonder why we haven’t done them before and others really make you think. 

So often we lose sight of what should really be first in our life and Lorrie helps remind you in such a gentle way.  She always makes sure we keep God first.  I can truly say that is the most important thing to do.  She offers such great tips to help make sure we are able to do that.  Not only in the Energized & Fulfilled DVD, but many others too.

I have been so blessed to have Lorrie’s help as i go through my journey of being a wife & mother.  She is SO very encouraging.  You can tell she truly cares about you.

If being Energized & Fulfilled is something you desire, then head over to the Eternal Encouragement store to purchase the DVD of Energized and Fulfilled Woman of God.  Not only do you get the DVD but you get the study guide and Bible verses and Mom’s Spectacular Relaxation Recipes(something we didn’t get as part of our review but bet you will love!).  The purchase price is $19.97! That is a great deal.

Disclaimer: I received Energized & Fulfilled as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement Magazine. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.


2 thoughts on “Energized & Fulfilled Video Review – The Gabby Moms & Eternal Encouragement

  1. I so agree that it is very beneficial to view/listen to again and again!
    We were supposed to get the Mom's Spectacular Relaxation Recipes, but with all that has been going on, I wasn't on top of that….thanks for the reminder 🙂

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