Welcome Home Daddy – A Gabby Mom Review

“Hi Honey!  I’m home!” says dad as he enters the house.  Oh the picturesque scene of me, 3 boys and the dog all waiting to greet him as he walks through the door.  Dinner is on the table, the house is spotless and the home is his sanctuary. 

WAIT!!!  Wake up call!  Talk about dreaming.  This is more Leave it to Beaver or Donna Reed style than the way it goes at our house.  I typically am scrambling to get dinner done, the toys and other things on the floor picked up.  The dog is barking as he wants his dinner, one of the kids is crying and the baby is shaking the gate at the top of the steps since he heard daddy open the garage door. 

But wouldn’t you like to have your household come pretty close to the first description?  I know I would! 

When “Welcome Home Daddy” by Lorrie Flemm arrived at my house, I was so excited to be able to review it!  Our welcome home party resembles something more of mass chaos than the organized (mostly) dream I want to have awaiting my husband when he arrives. 

Lorrie is so helpful and full of insight on how we can do our best to achieve these dreams/goals.  It will take work on our part, but in the end it will be so worth it!  I know I can’t wait to see the look on my husband’s face when I am actually able to pull this off.  Granted, I know it won’t be “perfect”, but it will be perfect for our family.  Each one of you will have a different “perfect” for you.

Here are some things that struck me while reading this wonderful book.

~ Time does not equal money.  It is MUCH more valuable! 
~ Our attitude determines the attitude of the home.
~ Enjoy the meal together and Enjoy time with each other!
~ Family devotion time is important and should be lead by your husband.

There are many more nuggets in this book! 

I truly believe it is possible to be a modern mom and have the traditional value of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  With reading this book and the idea’s involved I know it is possible.  I can’t wait to surprise my husband with this!

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Disclaimer: I received Welcome Home Daddy as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement Magazine. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Home Daddy – A Gabby Mom Review

  1. I love how you pointed out how the perfect will look different for each of us. That is so very true.
    Be sure to tell us how your 'perfect' surprises your hubby 😉

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