The Gabby Mom’s Year in Review

So it’s the end of 2011.  WOW!  That year went really fast.  At first though it started out very slow.  We had some snow here in SW Pennsylvania at the beginning of the year, then came the chaos of birthday season, our first actual testing season for homeschooling, a trip to Virginia Beach for a graduation, our 10-year Anniversary, and now the pregnancy of our 4th child.

Along with all of that I got the privilege to be a part of a wonderful review team.  The Gabby Moms!  We reviewed several products from Eternal Encouragement.  I can’t even begin to say how much reading or watching each item blessed me.

Lorrie has such a way of getting to the heart of the matter.  She cares deeply about every woman who reads/watches her products.  She also makes sure that she keeps focus on what is important.  The relationship with our Heavenly Father.  That is definitely key to everything.  Yes, there are other things that go along with each situation you may be facing, the main thing is to rely on our Heavenly Father.

It has been a great year of product reviews with the Gabby Mom’s.  Each one has meant so much to me.  I have truly been inspired by each product I have reviewed.  I have also been challenged to tackle many things I struggle with personally.  Each new product offered me something different.  It felt like I had a second mother with me, encouraging me through my struggles.  Lorrie does so well at putting you at ease, but also making you think.  She is kind but firm.  I am grateful to

I am also looking forward to this year with the Gabby Mom’s.  I know Lorrie has some awesome products for us to review and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I would like to thank Lorrie and Cindy for allowing me to be a part of such a great team.  If this sounds like something that would interest you for the 2012 year head over to the Gabby Mom’s website to Get Involved


2 thoughts on “The Gabby Mom’s Year in Review

  1. So true that she always points us to our Heavenly Father…a much needed reminder to focus on WHO we are serving.

    You have been a blessing to this program. I am excited to work with you again in 2012

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