Good days and Bad Days

Well I have started.  Monday the 18th was my official start day.  I wound up forgetting to write down everything I ate (4 kids and 1 is a new born.  pls forgive this mom).  It was an early day too.  My oldest is going to camp and in order for me to keep the car I get up at 5:15/5:30 to nurse the baby and take hubby to the bus stop.  Kids are of course awake by the time the 15 minute ride is over.  **sigh**  Which makes for a tired mama.  I started to think that maybe this week wasn’t “the” week to do this.  But then I realized that if I gave up this early, I’d never succeed!

That was before I hit Tuesday.  Tuesday was even worse of a day.  I got maybe 4-5 hours sleep, a 30 minute cat nap in the morning and that helped a little bit, but for some reason I couldn’t stop munching.  I had waffles in the morning, animal crackers as a snack, 2 different leftovers for lunch, more animal crackers and a big glass of chocolate milk and for dinner my husband grilled some chicken and we had chicken salads for dinner.  I hate the munchies!  I have this problem with food in that when I don’t feel good (lack of sleep for example) or when I am stressing, I just eat.  I eat what I can find.  Sometimes it is good snacks (fruit, veggies) but sometimes it’s the bad things (cookies, cereal, waffles, anything sweet).  I try REALLY hard not to let the sweets into the house.  I prefer yogurt (greek), fruits, veggies, but sometimes the kids get those before I do.  I have 3 boys who are picky eaters, but they love my good treats!  Can’t blame them.  Fruit and veggies are really yummy.  🙂

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday I was better.  The munchies didn’t hit me as much and I was able to stick to my diet a little bit better.  Saturday evening, I went out with my husband for a date.  We ate at a wonderful restaurant and I had comfort food.  I’ll admit it.  Stuffed chicken was calling my name.  We did share a dessert.  Peanut butter pie!  Yum!

Sunday, back to the grindstone again and I was pretty good.  I weighed myself on Monday the 18th at my 6wk post-partum visit and I am 246.  So about 4lbs down in about 2 weeks.  I really would like to get to 235lbs by the end of July.  This seems completely achievable to me.  I am able to resume working out which means Bob Harper, Yoga, elliptical and Total Gym are back in business.  I am going to alternate those during the week.  My goal for the next 2 weeks is to exercise in some form every day (walking).  Then I will add in one of the above 2x a week and work up to adding them all in during the week.


2 thoughts on “Good days and Bad Days

  1. Good start! I am a mindless snacker. I've caught myself with food in my mouth and DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS! So, I do little tricks to help myself. If the kids want a snack, instead of leaving it out on the counter, open, within reach, I wrap it up tightly and put it back in the cabinet. That way if I need a snack, I'd have to work really hard to get to the 'bad' stuff. Instead, I keep out the almonds, fruits and veggies. You can do this!!

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