Cooking Extravaganza!

Ok, so this post comes the day we have eaten our fill of turkey, stuffing, potatoes of some sort, green beans, pie, pie and more pie!  😉  The timing is purely coincidental! 

This month I got to review and utilize the Cooking Extravaganza bundle from Eternal Encouragement. 🙂  This bundle made me very excited as I love to cook!  I have been cooking since I was a little girl and my mom taught me the biscuit recipe she learned from someone who won a biscuit making contest.

I am always looking for new recipes, improvements for recipes I currently use and ways to improve my cooking experience and bulk cooking help.

Let me also say that I am a cookie-aholic!  I love cookies!  Chocolate chip is my downfall!  The Secret of Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies was the first one I read!  Then I tried!  Oh my goodness!!!  The tips in that book helped me make the BEST cookies!  They didn’t last long at all in our household.  Granted we have 5 people who love cookies so that was no surprise. 

Next one I opened up was the Pizza.  My family loves pizza.  I haven’t had a chance to make this yet (due to a lovely stomach bug that delayed things) but I am looking forward to trying out the crust and making my version of a Taco Pizza.  I will divulge the toppings once I give it a try with my family.  The crust recipe looks so super simple and easy to do and again the tips in the ebook are something I look forward to trying. 

Overall, I believe we will be attacking a lot (if not all) of the recipes at one point or another in these books!  Most of them seem fairly easy to do and I know my family will enjoy.  I am especially looking forward to trying the Chicken Chili, the Waldorf Salad, Chicken Bowls & Chicken Teriyaki.  (we like chicken a lot)  I will post those pics and what my crew had to say at a later date. 

This is a great bundle filled with LOTS of tips, great recipes and helpful ideas. 

In the Bundle you get 8 of Lorrie’s books.

  • Bulk Cooking Tips & Tricks E-Book
  • Lorrie’s Favorite Recipes E-Book
  • The Secrets of The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Made Simple E-Book
  • Brianna’s Pizza Primer E-Book
  • Fill ‘Er Up – Ideas to Fill a Bottomless Pit E-Book
  • Sensational Salads E-Book
  • Healthy Sanity Savings Breakfast E-Book
  • What’s for Dinner Mom? Printed Book

Normally this set is $52.97, but right now it is on sale for $19.97.  🙂  GREAT DEAL! 

Also, if you would like a chance to win this bundle, head over to Randy’s Rib to enter the contest! 
Cooking Extravaganza Giveaway

 ** I was given this product in exchange for my honest review of the product and was not compensated in any other way.

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