Say what?

So I was trying to type a status about the weather today and well I had a mental lapse.  I was trying to spell a word to describe the weather and for the life of me could NOT figure it out. 

Have you ever had that happen?  You type the word, it doesn’t look right, you type it again, still not right…You ask your hubby who is sitting next to you “How do spell this word?”  He is distracted by the video game the kids are playing…not good when trying to spell and you need help! 

So what do you do???  You figure out another adjective!!  Yup, that’s what you do!  Luckily for me I was able to do that fairly easily.  But the best part was when my husband who finally heard my plight and heard my correction, laughed at me cause he realized I was having trouble spelling the word “gorgeous”!  Yup, couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.  So instead, I used “Beautiful”. 

Yes, mental lapses happen to all of us…  😉  Hope you enjoyed this little note of about my mental lapse.


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