11 years ago

Jonathan Hospital Photo

Eleven years ago on April 15th, I was blessed with the privilege of having my first child.  Jonathan Michael Gabriel was born on tax day at 11:17am. 

His one uncle joked that he was born late.  He should have been born at 10:40am.

Jonathan being held by Mimmy

Jonathan was 9lbs 8oz and yes, I had him naturally.  My OB was wonderful!  I really had such a great experience with my labor and delivery.  It was a quick 5 hour labor (including about an hour of pushing).  Though 5 hours does go slow when you are having contractions. 

I am what some people choose to call “CRAZY” because I choose to go without an epidural.  I did however have something to “take the edge off”.  Well that was what it was supposed to do.  It might have, it might not have.  The details are getting fuzzy after 11 years. 

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with those who choose epidurals, they just aren’t for me.  The thought of the needle between my vertebrae doesn’t appeal to the person who has had back pain since the age of 13.  How women choose to birth is their own thing and as long as they are informed and educated that’s all good by me. 

Jonathan & Cordelia

I was informed and educated and made my choice for a mostly un-medicated birth for my son.  We did the typical Lamaze classes before hand and the only thing I remember was what was taught to do when told to not push.  Yeah, that was it.  Breathing out through the mouth quickly.  I did that very well!  LOL! 

So my birth experience was really a good one.  Especially for a first time mom.  Labor started at 6:30, baby born at 11:17.  I think even the staff at the hospital was surprised at how fast things moved.  

Holding that little bundle of joy in my arms for the first time was so surreal.  It was like heaven to me.  I had always dreamt of being a mother.  I even had a precious moment doll in a blue bunny outfit that I had named Jonathan when I was a young girl.  So it was definitely meant to be!  😉

I am so glad that God gave me the blessing of being Jonathan’s mom. He is such a smart, bright, creative boy who is turning into a young man before my very eyes.  **sniff**  I am blessed.


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