Shared Birthday!

Well today is a special day in our household.  You may be wondering why.  Well 6 years ago, Darren and I were expecting our 2nd child.  His due date was May 17th.  But I had a feeling that he would share a day with his daddy. 

May 12th, 2007 – Saturday we chose to get together with friends and family and celebrate Darren’s birthday at Dave & Busters.  I was a very 9 months pregnant.  We knew there was a possibility that Darren and our new child would share an actual birthday so we celebrated Darren’s a couple of days early.

Well, I didn’t last too long that night.  We wound up leaving before everyone else.  😦 I felt so bad that we couldn’t stay for more.  It was like his birthday got the short end of the stick.  So, we got home and I got to bed to rest.  Tomorrow was Mother’s Day and we were supposed to go out to be with my Mother-in-Law for Mother’s day.

May 13th, 2007 – Mother’s Day! – We went to church that morning and afterward met with the family and Mother-in-Law at the restaurant we had reservations at for Mother’s Day.  The buffet was on the main level.  We had seats on the 3rd level.  So there I was 9 months pregnant and going up and down steps.  But honestly, that felt better than sitting.  And boy was my back killing me! 

After brunch, we came home and Darren’s youngest brother, Stephan, came over and they played video games.  Jonathan napped and then spent time with his father and uncle while I rested.  My back was still hurting and I was exhausted from getting up at 6am and the activities of the day.

By 8:30 in the evening, I was contracting.  This was good, but not good cause my OB was coming back from vacation and I wasn’t sure if she would be back yet and I would have whoever was on call then.  Well, I used the phone to intercom Darren and let him know what was going on and then I called the doctors office.  The on-call doctor called me back and told me to wait till the contractions were closer.  Ok.  Then I got a phone call from my OB.  She had just got back into town and wanted to see how I was doing.  The on-call doctor had called her to let her know I was in labor.  She wanted to take over!  WOOHOO!  Even as tired as she was she wanted to be there.

She could apparently hear in my voice how I was doing (something that a GOOD OB can tell) and told me to get to the hospital.  So we left Jonathan with Uncle Steve and headed to the hospital to meet my OB.

We got there around 10:30 (could be earlier or later) and checked in and went to triage.  Well, I was 4cm dilated and progressing nicely so they admitted me to the hospital and moved me to a labor suite.  It was now after midnight. 

I stayed in the bed for a good hour or 2 as the nurse didn’t want me moving since I was on monitors, but Dr. Frederick knew I was having back labor and asked for a birthing ball.  That was heavenly.  It felt wonderful.  My hips and back were no longer hurting so bad.  I think I sat on that for nearly 2 hours.  Then my water broke.

A look of joy and then one of concern crossed my OB’s face as she saw the color of it.  Meconium had tainted the water.  That meant as soon as Jordan was out he would need to be suctioned before he could take an actual breath. 

So we were laboring on the ball when all of the sudden I felt the “ring of fire”.  Yes, Jordan was preparing to be born.  The challenge now was to move from the ball to the bed with a head getting ready to emerge!  Oh my goodness was that a challenge!  My contractions were right on top of each other and I had a hard time moving the 2 feet to the bed, but I did it.  With help from Darren and Dr. Frederick, I did it.

Darren & Jordan – Birthday Buddies!

Sure enough, Jordan was getting ready to emerge into the world and his head came out in a couple of pushes.  It was just after 5am.

STUCK!  His shoulders got stuck.  I did NOT want them to break his shoulders to get him out and was doing my quick breathing as they decided what to do.  The meconium was still a big concern.  He hadn’t taken his breath yet, but they needed to get him out ASAP!

Then the nurse from hell came over and shoved Darren out of the way.  He was apparently not doing his job in holding my leg (according to her).  I thought it was pretty good since it was up to my chest and such but not to her!  She gets in my face and yells that my baby is going to die if they don’t get him out…NOT what I wanted to hear lady!  (at least not in that manner!)  She then proceeds to lift my leg past my head as if I am some sort of gymnast and viola, that dislodged Jordan and he slid right out!

The next minute was the L.O.N.G.E.S.T minute of my life.  Jordan hadn’t cried.  Nothing.  I knew why but still, I think my heart stopped for a good minute as they cleared out his airway to make sure it was safe for him to breathe.  Darren and my Mother-in-Law (who had been praying throughout the whole labor) were standing near Jordan while the doctors worked on him.

Then finally, I heard it.  My baby cried!  They brought him to me and placed him on my chest.  I hadn’t even see him till then.  He was perfect.  I got to hold him while they made sure I was doing ok and took care of any repairs necessary.  Then they needed to take him again as it was time for weight, measurements and apgar and such.  This all happened in under 5 minutes.

Well the nurses and doctors made sure that Jordan and I were all good (we even had the NICU team in there due to the meconium issue) and said we could go up to our room.

My MIL left to go get Jonathan from our house.  Uncle Steve stayed overnight to keep an eye on him for us.  We got up to our room around 8am and then I got some breakfast.  That tasted so good after a long night of labor. 

I am also pretty sure I told Darren “Happy Birthday.”  It was double special since we now had 2 Birthdays on the same day.  🙂


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