Stepping Stones {REVIEW}

Joyce Herzog is an accomplished writer and educator.  She has written products geared toward helping children with Special Needs, written books that help guide children in their faith, how to choose and use curriculum for your Special Needs child, cookbooks and more.  She is also a speaker at many homeschool conventions.  She and her husband, Tom, live in the GREAT state of Tennesse near Chattanooga.  To read more about Joyce click here.

So let me just start out by saying how excited I was to see Joyce’s products on the review list!  I was actually very familiar with one of her products, Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith for Little People.  I found this book on my mother’s bookshelf while perusing through the curriculum that she used with my sister and I.  Needless to say I kidnapped it to Pennsylvania and used with my oldest son in the beginning of our homeschool journey.

We had it for several years and then my sister had her daughter and I was glad to sent back to my family in Tennessee to be used as part of their curriculum.  So, here I was, without the devotion book and I had honestly forgotten about it until I saw Joyce’s name on the list.

So the review for Joyce came up and there were many products to choose from and I think I begged asked to get the Stepping Stones set for my review product.  And well, I was thrilled to see that I was able to get the set!

I had Jonathan check the mail EVERY day as soon as the mail lady (that’s what she is called in our house) comes by and drops off our packages.  Stalking the mail is more like it.  It is like Christmas when we get packages; especially curriculum.
Well, I opened the package and Jonathan immediately recognized the book Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith that we had used when we first started homeschooling.  I read a couple of the stories immediately and then started using it during our devotion time in the mornings.  
Oh the memories it brought back for us.  It seems like yesterday that it was just Jonathan and I doing school and we would sit together and do our Bible/Devotion time.  Jordan was just an infant and would be napping when I would do school.  
Now we have 3 more children joining us for devotion time.  It isn’t always as quiet as it was back then but it is nice to have that time with the kids.  I really enjoy having us do devotions together.  Everyone is on the couch and I have them look at the picture as I read the short devotion.  Sometimes, I let Jonathan read it aloud to his brothers and sister.  Then I ask them questions about the picture. 
In the book for Bigger Faith, I really like how it gently guides the child to think about God.  They ask questions and I try to provide the best answer I can while guiding them.  It’s not an easy thing to guide your child to the Lord but the stories in this book are simple but effective in their goal.  This is definitely something the whole family can use.
We also had a new aspect to the Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith book.  The Audio Cassettes.  Yes, they are actual cassettes.  🙂  So I got out our boombox from Cordelia’s bedroom and plugged it in and put on one of the tapes.  It was so nice to hear Joyce’s voice as she read each of the stories.  She takes great care as she narrates each story.  My kids even sat still and looked at the page that went with the story she would be reading.  They also started to sing along with the Bible Verses that the children on the cassettes sang.  This is part of our daily routine now.  I will put one on during lunch so it is a little bit more quiet and relaxed.  Plus they are learning without really knowing it.
So I really wanted to see the other book in the Stepping Stones Set; Stepping Stones To Praise & Worship.  It is written at a 4th grade reading level so it can be read alone, but it can also be read aloud.  This book takes a deeper look at what it means to Praise and Worship God.  I love how it uses the book of Psalms.  In fact, most of the stories have a verse from Psalms, but they also go into John, Isaiah, Daniel and several other books of the Bible.  The stories are broken up into 4 sections: Praise & Worship, Praise, Mercy, then Worship. 

 This book really came at the right time.  We are trying to encourage our 2nd and 3rd sons to stay with us during the worship service at church.  It can be hard to explain to a 6 & 3year old but these stories I think have really helped.  Letting them know that God needs to hear our Praises to Him and that we should want to Worship Him.  To explain the differences between Praise & Worship.  It has really been a blessing to our family to have right now.  I am so thrilled to be reading this with them.

I am so thankful that we were able to get these books and cassettes.  I know we will be using them for a long time as we have many more years of homeschooling ahead of us. 

Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith for Little People: Book $12.00     Audio $14.00
Stepping Stones to Praise & Worship $14.00

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