Blogging throuth the Alphabet – D is for Dad

Since Father’s Day is approaching, and the letter “D” is for this week, I chose to do D is for Dad.  🙂

I was blessed with a wonderful father.  From my earliest memories, he was always there.  I remember going to the tennis courts with him and my mom.  Even playing on the playground watching him play tennis from the swing set. 

We would go to the trout farm after church (at least that’s when I think it was…the church was right next to the trout farm).  He’d bait my hook and I would fish and then take my catch to Miss Ruth who would cook it for me to eat.  Yummy!!

One of the next things I remember was going with him when he would do landscaping.  I would help dig the holes for the plants and occasionally get to put a plant in the hole.  I would ride my bike too while he would landscape. 

I also remember him having to go on business trips for the log home company he worked for at the time.  Sometimes he would be gone for several days and it would be my mom, sister and I.  He always brought home something little for us after these trips.  I still have most of the things.  They are packed away, but since we have a little girl in the house now I can justify getting out the trinkets.  🙂

I remember him being strong for the family when we lost the house that was built due to a change in job situation.  He has always been calm and collected. 

I also remember the time that our 1984 Pontiac Bonneville caught fire while I was driving it.  My mom and I didn’t notice it as the smoke was going out from under the vehicle while I was driving and we went to a antique shop that we loved!  Some guys came in and said the car was on fire and at first we didn’t believe them.  But then we saw it and the whole ordeal involved fire trucks, cops and me crying.

Mom said that dad was so calm when she called him.  He asked if we were ok and that he would be there as soon as he could.  It was maybe 10 minutes.  The fire was put out and my dad recovered some items from the vehicle.  Namely his Bible.  I don’t even remember it being wet.  But the car was totaled. 

He even cleaned the steel door of the fire damage cause that is just the kind of man he is.  Responsible. 

He has worked many jobs to taken care of our family.  He has been faithful and a good example of how a husband should treat his wife.

Thank you for being such a wonderful example for our family as I lived at home!  Thank you for being there for me.  Thank you for your unconditional love!


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