Memoria Press {REVIEW}

Memoria Press is a publishing company that produces classical Christian education materials for homeschooling families and private schools. Cheryl Lowe founded Memoria Press “to help promote and transmit the classical heritage of the Christian West through an emphasis on the liberal arts and the great works of the Western tradition.” **from the Memoria Press About Us page**  To read more about Memoria Press click here.

I have known about Memoria Press for quite some time.  In fact I remember my mom looking at them for certain subjects when I was being homeschooled.  But we never got the opportunity to use it.

It wasn’t until the opportunity through the Schoolhouse Review Crew presented itself.  We had already been studying Africa this past year and I wanted him to learn more about the area and surrounding countries. 

We received Memoria Press’ Geography I Set for review.  It covers the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.  There is also a teacher’s guide and student book for the United States (which we did not use at this time but I did look through).  The grade level for these books is 4+, Jonathan is going into 6th grade.

There are 3 main regions. The Middle East, North Africa and Europe.  Europe is broken up into smaller units for the purpose of review to see how well the knowledge learned is retained.  In each unit the first page is a list of all the countries in a certain region. This serves as the introduction to the region.

There is one page per country.  On this page you learn the country name, capital, ancient name, fun facts, and label a map.  Jonathan liked to use colored pencils as he colored the maps.  My artsy boy is at it again.  🙂 

I like the suggestions in the beginning of the student workbook for map work for ideas.  Labeling mountain ranges, rivers, valleys and such.  Something I wouldn’t have thought to do.  You will want to have a detailed atlas that shows topography for this.  Libraries or a bookstore should have something.  Again, this is a suggestion but a very good one!

The book begins with the Middle East.  I was specifically interested in this because I was able to go to Israel (one of the first couple of countries studied in this set) back in 1999 and I could share my stories with Jonathan as he learned about Israel.  But that is a whole other post.  😉  It continues on through North Africa and Europe (which is broken up into smaller regions).

Jonathan would work in the Geography books 3 times a week.  Each day he would discover a new country.  He would fill out the Student workbook after reading the text.  I would also have him find 2 other sources to use to read about the country being studied.  The main reason for this is one of the prompts in the workbook is “fun facts and I wanted him to find other fun facts to list about the countries he was learning and list those as well. 

Something else that is nice about these books is not only are they teaching geography but also history as well.  In reading these with Jonathan, I found myself learning more history as well.  There is quite a bit of detail and dates that are listed and it would be great to use with a timeline of sorts to chart the history out as well.

Overall, I really liked this. I found that it was easy to use and added value to what we had already learned earlier in the year.  It can definitely be used as a stand alone product.  We just happened to be studying the same areas this year and I kind of used the prior knowledge learned to enhance the Geography I.  Jonathan really enjoyed the going through it and didn’t feel to overwhelmed with going through 3 countries in a week.  You could do more or less depending on your schedule.

You may be asking about the United States set we received with this set.  At this point, we have not worked through it.  However, I did look over it so I could give you some information on it.

Like the Middle East, North Africa & Europe set with it’s units/regions, it has the United States broken up into 8 regions.  You will want to have your students memorize the States and their Capitals as that is the information covered in this series.  There are worksheets which have been split into 4 sections of increasing difficulty.  **from the book**  You work on 1 region a week and each region winds up being covered 4 different times during the year. 

Students work to identify the states on a blank map, match capitals to states, name the state based on the capital given and identify the state and its capital using the numbers on the map.  There is a final comprehensive exam provided in the teacher guide.

We will be studying US geography over the course of the next year so this is a valuable asset to our curriculum.  This summer we are going to be working on finishing up the Geography I book and also learning the United States and their capitals via song. 

Pricing for Geography I:
Geography I Set – $48.00
Geography I Student Text – $14.95
Geography I Student Workbook – $11.95
Geography I Teacher Guide – $12.95
United States Workbook – $5.00
United States Teacher Guide – $7.95


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