Blogging through the Alphabet – I is for Inconceivable!

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Alright, alright!  I admit it.  I am a fan of the movie The Princess Bride.  The story captured my attention.  I loved the romance, the swashbuckling, mystery, and the characters. 

It was a favorite movie for my family.  One that we would pull out and put in the VHS player and enjoy on any given evening. 

The story begins with young boy (Fred Savage) is sick in bed, playing a video game.  This game by todays standards would be considered very archaic.  But there are those of us who remember playing those games!  (yes I know that makes us seem older)

The grandfather of the young boy arrives and tells him that he is there to read him a book.  And that is what he used to do since video games (or probably even TV for that matter) weren’t around when he was a boy.  You have to use your imagination for books.  So grandfather starts to read the story to a very leery Fred Savage.  He isn’t sure about this whole book thing. 

And that’s the beginning of the story.  It has all the talking points too.  Drama, mystery, intrigue, romance, giants, R.O.U.S.’ (Google this one), revenge, plot twists and enough to keep you glued to your TV for the 90 minutes it runs.

It is definitely family friendly though there can be some tense scenes and it does show some sword fighting between 2 characters.  One death results.  If you haven’t seen this film and you have young ones (5 & under) in your house, it may not be for you.  But I suggest watching it and making your own decision. 

Honestly I think my kids have seen animated shows more violent than this and they are labeled “kids programming”. 

Anyway, one of the big things that we love is one of the characters use of big words to seem smarter than everyone else.  His main big word is “Inconceivable.”  So now fast-forward a couple of decades and I am still using that word.  Turns out that this character was using the word correctly most of the time, even though he did get told that probably wasn’t using it right due to not knowing what the word means. 

Of course, since I was being homeschooled at the time this movie was released, I had to get my dictionary to find out the true meaning of it.  Yeah, that’s a way to incorporate school work.  😉  My mom was creative! 

Well, this is one of my more off the normal homeschooling posts.  There might be more due to the letters of the alphabet coming up.  Till next time!


One thought on “Blogging through the Alphabet – I is for Inconceivable!

  1. Our family loves this movie too, the boys and the girls, my husband I do too. I'm impressed that you got out your dictionary to find the definition. My oldest daughter, now 27 was like that. We home schooled her too. Her favorite past time was reading the dictionary but that's off topic isn't it? Thanks for this post.

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