If You Were Me book series by Carole P. Roman – Review

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About 2 weeks ago I was contacted to review 2 of Carole’s new titles in her “If You Were Me” series.  I was able to review for her last year as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  If you would like to see that review, click here.

Carole has written several other books.  A series by the name of Captain No Beard, a book that was created out of her love for Yoga, and then the If You Were Me series that allows children to learn about different countries and cultures.  She really enjoys

We received the books If You Were Me and Lived in Russia and If You Were Me and Lived in Australia for the purpose of this review.


Since it is now summer we typically do a light school work for math, English and reading.  These books fit in perfectly during our reading time.  Sometimes all of the kids are awake during this time period but sometimes it’s just my oldest 2.   We have 4 children.  Three boys, Jonathan, Jordan & Josef and 1 daughter, Cordelia.  They range in age from 12 to 2 years old.

We actually read these in the evening so that everyone could participate in the questions.  I really am grateful that the books have included pronunciation of words from that country.  Otherwise I would probably do a not so good job at the pronunciation.

At the end of each book I took the time to ask questions regarding what they had heard.  Whether it was some of the new words (again thankful for the pronunciations and definitions at the back) or asking about cities mentioned or other details the book provided.  The kids were able to recall a good bit of what was read.

I really like to have our oldest, Jonathan, copy a few of the new words and their definitions.  Then I have him work on memorizing them over the next 2 weeks.  For Jordan I work on about 2-3 words for memorizing definitions and copying down the word several times.

The books are probably on a 1-3 grade level and all of our children have enjoyed them.  They have had me pull out the first 4 books we got just so we could go through them again.  I am so glad that my children enjoy reading as a family and that they like to even bring out books we have read already.

You can go to Carole’s website and follow the links there to purchase her books.  I know I will be looking to get her other If You were Me books for our schooling. 


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