Why it’s best to Price Match!

So, we bought a Brother Laser Printer last year.  One of our most expensive purchases in a while, but it has been well worth it.  Nearly 2000 pages printed in black in and I am about 3/4’s of the way through the color toner cartridges.  It survived a 1000+ mile move from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma as well!  So I would definitely recommend Brother as a brand for laser printers.  We have the MFC-9130CW.

Now we ran out of toner about 2 weeks ago and as you might guess, this does not bode well for the homeschool family.  We use our printer almost daily!  From worksheets, to reading guides,, activities to business things our printer is used a lot!

Today we went to Staples to pick up a new toner cartridge.  Well, I get there and the cartridge is $85.99.  OUCH!!  I knew they were pricey but didn’t realize that they were THAT pricey!  There was a sign the aisle about price matching guarantee which included Amazon (it has to be SOLD and SHIPPED from Amazon for this to work!).  I whipped out my iPhone and used the Amazon app to scan the barcode for my toner.  Prices as low as $49.99 new!  The first offer wasn’t Amazon.  Bummer!  But the second price was for Amazon, $56.29!  SCORE!  Almost $30 dollars LESS than what Staples was charging!  I couldn’t believe it.

So I picked up my cartridge and a few other things I needed and headed to the checkout lane.  I informed the clerk that I had a price match using Amazon for the cartridge and showed her the screen on my phone.  We then had to wait for a supervisor who then verified it was sold from and shipped by Amazon (very important to know this!).  I was honestly only expecting the price match which was a difference of $29.70.  But their price match is 110%, not just 100% (which is really cool!).  So my TOTAL discount off the cartridge was $32.67 and made the cartridge $53.32!

It really pays to have a smart phone with the Amazon App!  Saved me more than thirty dollars today because of that.  We also used it when we bought the printer from Best Buy which saved us more than $100 by searching for it on Amazon.  And Best Buy does have the same policy which is the item has to be sold and shipped from Amazon.

Here is my Receipt to show the guarantee!

I hope this little tip has been helpful to you!  It certainly has been for us.  As a family of 6 with one income it really helps to save wherever we can.



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