Welcome to 2015!

Wow!  2014 was quite the ride for us!  As the title of this blog states, Life’s Amazing Adventures!  We certainly had many this year.

From moving across the country to hospital visits, surgeries, adjusting to a new area, making new friends and finally meeting some friends from online, the year has been FULL of adventure!

To start 2014 we found out the status of Darren’s job was changing and he had to look for other employment.  Searching in our home state of Pennsylvania was turning up nothing and so we made the decision to look outside of PA.  Another division of the same company Darren works for is based in Oklahoma and they liked what they saw in his resume and went through the interview process which led to a new job.  This meant a move 1000+ miles from where we were living!  Talk about an adventure!  We packed up our family of 6 and moved across the country to what is called “Green Country”.  Tulsa, Oklahoma is our new home!

This was probably our biggest adventure by far.  We have adjusted to a new time zone which now makes traveling east to visit family a bit more fun with the time change.  The temperature difference has been quiet interesting as well.  I think this past summer we saw a high of 106 degrees. Apparently though that is lower than the “normal high” here of approximately 110-120 degrees.  Yikes!  So far the winter has been pretty normal to what we were used to in Pennsylvania. As long as we don’t hit -20 degrees I think we will be ok.

We are continuing homeschooling as well and are trying to figure out the best routine for our family.  Josef still has speech therapy 1x a week so that day we typically do light school work.  Of course I am still adjusting to learning styles and trying to find curriculum that allows for the various styles our children utilize for learning.

Jonathan turned 12 last year and of course I know moving and leaving the church you grew up in is a hard thing.  I was 14 when my parents made the decision to move back to Gatlinburg and switch churches.  It was hard.  I only hope that we can guide him well over the next crucial years (well they are all crucial) and guide him the way that God wants him to go.

Jordan is 7 and growing like crazy.  He amazes me with all that he is learning and how quickly too!  He is very active and has really enjoyed learning the game of Minecraft.  We have to be careful of this as it tends to draw him in.  Limits must be set to keep him from spending so much time on the computer.

Josef is 4 (though will be 5 in 13 days).  Switching speech therapists midstream was difficult.  He really liked Miss Brittany and I knew it would be hard for him to switch.  Broke my heart when we had to say goodbye the last time.  I could tell he was sad. Though I don’t know who was more sad, Josef or myself.  He is doing well with Mrs. Erin.  I am applying the things she suggests into our “school” time for him.  I can’t believe my baby boy is growing so fast.

Cordelia is 2 and going on 13.  She is the little mother hen.  It is so funny because she will come right after me and say the same correction in the same tone as I do.  I try not to laugh, but it is hard not to.  She is so observant and learns things so fast!  She especially loves the kitchen and going in there to get my pots, pans and measuring utensils and then proceed to make her own little meals and such.  Having a girl is such a change from the 3 boys.  I welcome it with open arms.  Life is an adventure!

To add to this adventurous year, I went into the hospital over halloween weekend.  I had been dealing with pain in my lower right side for a few days then the nausea and lack of appetite kicked in on day five.  I went to the urgent care which sent me for a CT scan to see if I had appendicitis.  Fortunately I did NOT have appendicitis.  However, I did have EXTREMELY low hemoglobin, iron and red blood cell count.  This required an overnight stay that turned into 3 nights in total.  Lots of tests were run, lots of questions asked, 4 units of blood transfused and 3 units of iron infused.  I had no idea how dangerously low these counts were and just how much they affected my body.  We also had to figure out the source of the blood loss that caused these numbers to be so low.  Ultimately it came from bleeding that I didn’t get taken care of sooner.  A dangerous situation to be sure.  The root cause required out-patient surgery and is completed.  I am now on the road to recovery.

So this year has been full of ups, downs, changes, emergencies and such.  Definitely a year of adventure in the life of our family.  Praying that this upcoming year is full of adventures here in Tulsa.  Discovering our new home town, making new friends and visiting friends who are already here, learning about life in the west and hopefully some good thunderstorms will come our way.  🙂


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