How to Control Your Emotions – Book Review

Brooke McGlothlin is an author, mom, wife, photographer and so much more.  She is the author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess and created the 21 Days of prayer for Sons challenge.  She also blogs at The MOB Society which is for moms of boys, written by moms of boys.

I happened upon The MOB Society about 3 years ago just after the birth of our 3rd son.  At that point, I realized I needed all the help I could get. 

Being a stay at home mom is not an easy job.  Add homeschooling to the mix and it gets really crazy!  I try really hard to keep a reign on my emotions, but some days my boys just wear me down. 

Back when I discovered The Mob Society and Brooke, it was for the 21 Days of Prayers for Sons challenge.  That was a wonderful experience.  I liked it so much that I purchased the 1st edition of her Warrior Prayers book on praying for your boys.  But I will save that story for another post.

So needless to say, I kept up with the blog for the past 3 years and even after we had our daughter last year.  I was still a mom to boys.  Three of them.  And they all know how to keep me on my toes, anxiety level high and more!

Jonathan was my fairly easy child.  Listened fairly well and was really fairly compliant.  Then came Jordan.  He has SO much energy and when he was about 2 years old he escaped from us at church. 

Now our church isn’t at a normal location.  We go to church in a mall.  We have our own dedicated space and it is a wonderful church.  We have been going there since Jordan was a baby.  So he has grown up knowing the mall.  We would walk around afterward and go to the play area.

Well apparently he thought he could just go into the mall after church one day.  My heart sank as we ran down the mall concourse calling his name.  Where do we find him?  At the money operated rides!  I was so relieved but panicked at the same time. 

Jordan’s energy and quest for curiosity haven’t changed over the years.  But at least he doesn’t escape like he used to. 

Josef came along in 2010 and that was when I discovered The Mob Society!  I needed it then and I need it now.  As a mom of 3 boys, it is my job to raise men of God.  Men who will follow the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind.  But how can I do that when they test me and try me at every corner?

Some days it feels like it is all I can do to keep my cool.  Other days go better.  But it takes everything in me and sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

I saw that Brooke was working on a new book called How to Control Your Emotions So they don’t control you.  I practically jumped when they were asking for people who could help proofread and promote the book when the time came.  This book was something I had been looking for.

I must say that sometimes you don’t think you can really gain control on things.  It feels like a losing battle.  But in reading Brooke’s book, it gave me a new perspective on things and perhaps a new hope. 

Brooke shares from her own life experiences.  Because she does this it is a way we can all relate with her and also know that we aren’t the only ones who have rough days.

In this new book, Brooke shares about David and his struggles with emotions.  If you read the Psalms at all you can see he was all over the place.  But you can also see Whom he relies on.  God. 

I love how Brooke uses scripture to help encourage you.  She knows it isn’t easy but she wants to share the Hope that is there for us to take part of.  Her suggestions are Biblically based and practical.

Something else I like about how this is written is that there is no condemning nor is there the expectation of perfection!  Slip ups will happen, the imperfect day will hit.  But that’s ok.  Our Heavenly Father doesn’t expect us to be perfect. 

Here are the Chapter Titles for the book just so you can see what Brooke talks about.

Chapter One

Feel, Know, Do — The Heart of Submitting Our Emotions to God

Chapter Two

How to Overcome Lies with the Truth

Chapter Three

Where Do We Get the Power to Overcome?

Chapter Four

Sometimes We Just Have to Walk Away

Chapter Five

What Happens When We Blow It?


Scriptures to Help Fight Off the Lies

Each chapter was a blessing to read.  I also thought the Appendix has been a GREAT help as well.  Having the scriptures right there and not having to fumble through to find what I am looking for is great.  So many times I struggle to find the appropriate verse but often give up because I can’t remember where to look. 

Brooke gives you 25 verses that cover when you feel angry, lost, attacked and even nothing.  She wants you to know the Lord is there and that is why I love this book.  HE is there with you.  In the midst of your day.  It doesn’t matter if it is good, bad, beautiful, ugly, stressed or relaxed.  God is there with you.  He is always there. 

So I encourage you, if you are sick and tired of the blow-ups, yelling and want to work on being better for your kids, your family, yourself and God, then I encourage you to get this book.  It is $3.99 and available here.  You can upload it to your Kindle (like I did) or even print it out since it is in PDF form. 

For me, I feel better equipped to face the challenges of each day.  I know that God is always with me and will never leave me.  This helped remind me of that and has also helped me get some things in order so that I can try to be the best mom for my kids that I can.  I want to be the mom they run to not from.